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"If it's not a case, it's not a problem" : a study of resource allocation within the Norwegian police

Biblioteket gratulerer Åge Dyrøy med bestått mastergrad i politivitenskap ved PHS.

Sammendrag av masteroppgaven:

This thesis focuses on identifying the structural mechanisms within the Norwegian Police which determine how investigative and patrolling resources are being allocated. The research conducted in connection to this indicates that the police in Norway delivers work of high standards on a tactical, reactive level, but fails to work in a strategic manner.

The resource allocation has been examined on the backgrounds of the strategies decided upon by the top-management within the Norwegian Police; intelligence-led and problem-oriented policing. Findings suggest that converting this strategy into the daily work of the organization is obstructed by an autonomous inclination towards criminal procedure, leading to a consistently reactive activity pattern.

The survey identified some elements of risk treatment, particularly in connection to patrol duty. However, these elements existed on a local and isolated level, not being integrated into a holistic risk management framework which could not be identified in the organization. Also, there seem to be a lack of cost-benefit assessments as financial costs relating to individual criminal cases are not the focus of the organization. At the same time the survey indicated that costs relating to criminal procedure are accelerating, seemingly without management having the ability to affect this development.

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