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Biblioteket gratulerer professor Johannes Knutsson

Boka "Police use of Force: A global perspective", er listet av Choice som en av fjorårets mest Outstanding Academic Titles. Forfatterne bak er professor Johannes Knutsson og associate professor Joseph B. Kuhns.

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries er hovedkilden for anmeldelser av akademiske bøker, elektronisk media, og internettressurser for høyere utdanning.

I begrunnelsen står det:

"The editors have produced a scholarly, broad-based exploration of the highly charged and controversial subject of force as used in law enforcement. The contributors skillfully examine the impact that police shooting incidents have on law enforcement officers and the often-overwhelming post-event health issues. Extensive international perspectives and contributions provide multiple points of view that illuminate complex social, cultural, and political influences, some of which permit, if not actually encourage, police officers' excessive use of force. The findings also allow readers to consider the history of US police-related force issues in a more global context, especially by examining societal acceptance of the impact of force through the lens of social norms. Academics who study criminal justice, law, and the difficulties of policing in a democratic society will surely praise the thoroughness with which the authors scrutinize the topic. In addition, this research very successfully engages with related peripheral social science disciplines, specifically sociology, psychology, and political science. This book is an excellent addition for criminal justice collections. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division criminal justice, policing, or social science collections."

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