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Helene I. Gundhus og Siv Runhovde har publisert ein artikkel i «.SIAK Journal - Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaften und Polizeiliche Praxis».

Artikkelen er skrevet i samarbeid med Karianne Rønning og Wouter Stol.

Manageability of police patrol work in Norway : the problem of implementing community policing
The paper presents findings from a comparative study exploring police patrol work in Europe. The study is about every day police patrol work, both emergency patrol and community beat policing. We have systematically observed what police officers do when they are out on patrol, and explored how contextual factors can explain ‘why’ police officers do what they do. Moreover we focus on policing in Norway.

The main question discussed is in what way police management can lead the patrols towards the practicing of police strategies. After we have presented the methodological framework, we introduce some findings from Norway. These lead us to the conclusion that in Norway community beat policing is not successfully implemented. The study points to the need for professional leadership in preference to management oriented to resource allocation. The study indicates that if the police want to move from an old fashioned reactive style of policing towards community policing or problem oriented policing, they have to do more than just ask emergency patrol officers to also fulfil the role of community beat officer. However, it is not enough to appoint some officers as community beat officers. If one really wants to get off the ground this different style of policing, one should appoint community beat police officers with managerial powers.

Heile artikkelen kan lesast i PIA:

Stol, W., Gundhus, H. I., Runhovde, S. R. & Rønning, K. (2011). Manageability of police patrol work in Norway: The problem of implementing community policing. SIAK Journal - Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaften und Polizeiliche Praxis, (3),78-89.

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