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Ny artikkel av Tor-Geir Myhrer

Professor Tor-Geir Myhrer har publisert ein artikkel i siste utgåve av tidsskriftet "Nordisk tidsskrift for kriminalvidenskab".

Sentervekternes polisiære fullmakter : grunnlag og grenser

Policing in semi-private space such as shopping malls and railway stations etc. is to a large extent carried out by private security companies and not by the police, even though the areas are open to the public.

The conduct and discretion of the security officers are regulated by the wish to offer visitors a pleasant environment, in particular conducive to shopping. This creates a risk for discrimination and violation of the fundamental right to liberty of movement for less desirable group of visitors.

Except from the provision in The Criminal Procedure Act Section 176 on civil arrest and the right to use necessary force, laid down in the Civil Penal Code Section 48, there are no statutory regulations of the security officer’s policing powers. The general freedom of action provides the security officer a right to observe, and within limits also to follow individuals. The Personal Information Act, however, will to a large extent prohibit the security company recording their observations and actions.

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Myhrer, T.-G. (2011). Sentervekternes polisiære fullmakter: Grunnlag og grenser. Nordisk tidsskrift for kriminalvidenskab, 98(2), 97-160.

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