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Årets første forskningsrapport

Rapporten har tittelen «Utredning om narkotikahund» og er skrevet av Kai Spurkland.


Police sniffer dogs are essential in preventing and also detecting drug crime. However, the existing legal framework related to the use of police dogs is fragile and nebulous, as it is primarily based on searches carried out by police officers. This report discusses the legal framework within this field. Particular emphasis is put on the difference between using sniffer dogs in searches requiring a formal search warrant, and searches that do not need any formal decision, due to their non-intrusive nature. This divide will be illustrated by examples of dog-assisted searches during routine police work such as beat patrols, in venues, schools and in traffic controls.

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Spurkland, K. (2012). Utredning om narkotikahund. (PHS Forskning; 2012:1). Oslo: Politihøgskolen.

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