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From mission idealism to operational realism : a study of the Norwegian contribution to international police reform missions

Biblioteket gratulerer Maren Eline Kleiven med fullført doktorgrad ved University of Portsmouth.


This qualitative study has examined the overall Norwegian contribution to international police reform missions (IPRMs) using a multiple case study design to compare three different missions where Norway has contributed relatively significantly over a period of time. The findings suggest that there are several impediments to achieve a successful outcome of IPRMs, but that the responsibility cannot be attributed to one organization or country alone.

The experiences of Norwegian police officers deployed to different types of IPRMs paint a picture of an international arena torn between idealism and realism, one characterized by a pragmatic approach focused on action and quantity rather than development and quality. Because of complete absence of overall doctrines and system that is not sufficiently well grounded, IPRMs suffer from an absence of long-term strategies, goals, success criteria, and planning. Instead, goals are often vague and over-ambitious, demanding results that promote output rather than outcome, consequently at the risk of the individual police officer who operates in adverse operational working conditions.

The findings reveals a system that currently fails to recognize the need for better and more extensive planning and preparation for the individual police officer pre-mission, that fails to acknowledge the role and professionalism of the police officers in-mission; and that fails to ensure proper debriefing and reintegration procedures for the police officer post-mission.

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