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Ny master fra PHS: Politiets trening på bruk av fysisk makt

Vi gratulerer Aun Hunsager Andresen med bestått master i politivitenskap. Oppgaven har tittelen «Politiets trening på bruk av fysisk makt: en evaluering i lys av utvalgte arbeidskrav».

Sammendrag på engelsk:

This research examines police in-service training in the use of physical force. An important perspective has been whether training provides police officers with the capacity to solve their tasks within the framework of Norwegian rules and regulations. My approach to the problem reads:

«Is the training in the use of physical force good enough to allow police officers achieve usable skills that do not interfere with the rules and regulation of Norwegian law? And what may explain the differences in skill level?».

Masteroppgave: Politiets trening på bruk av fysisk makt The findings show that Norwegian police officers don`t have an equal level of skills. There are greater differences between young and old officers, than the differences found between the two districts in my research project. Officers with more than 5 years of service have in general insufficient skills. This confirms that the training has not been good enough and that in-service training has not been sufficient. Young officers have received basic training which to a greater degree has been adapted to the demands of the use of force situations. They achieve better results, and have higher skill levels even prior to the in-service training. The findings show that the impact of the in-service training is not sufficient for those who lack basic skills. They don`t achieve skills that are applicable in use of force situations.

My research also shows a connection between skill level, how the officers use force, and how they experience use of force situations. The skill level has bearing on how much the legal techniques are used, and to which extent pepperspray and telescopic truncheon are used to replace use of physical force. It also has significance to how the officers feel they can comply with the rules and regulation in use of force situations, and for experienced levels of stress during the arrests.

Oppgaven kan leses i PIA:

Andresen, A. H. (2012). Politiets trening på bruk av fysisk makt: En evaluering i lys av utvalgte arbeidskrav. (Master i politivitenskap). Oslo: Politihøgskolen.

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