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Samfunnspsykologi i Norge

Førsteamanuensis ved PHS, Joshua Phelps, har vært gjesteredaktør av mai-nummeret av tidsskriftet Psychology and Society. Phelps' innledning til nummeret: «Societal Psychology in Norway», kan leses i fulltekst i PIA.


This special issue is comprised of a diverse collection of theoretical and empirical papers from Norway. The choice of societal psychology as a means of organizing these contributions will be discussed in this introduction. Although the term is infrequently used internationally, it has been adopted as the closest translation for the Norwegian disciplinary boundary samfunnspsykologi, which has structured each main contributor’s experience of psychology as graduate or post-­‐graduate researchers. I also hope to illustrate that Himmelweit’s (1990) original conceptualization of societal psychology is also appropriate to unify these articles due to its openness toward multiple theoretical and methodological perspectives.

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Phelps, J. (2013). Societal Psychology in Norway. Psychology & Society 5(2), 1-5.

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