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Policing humanitarian borderland: Frontex, human rights and the precariousness of life

Artikkelen er skrevet av Katja Franko (Universitetet i Oslo) og Helene O. I. Gundhus (PHS), og er første publikasjon i prosjektet «Transnasjonalt politiarbeid lokalt».

 Sett i lys av NRK-dokumentar om norske Frontex-personell som går i disse dager, er artikkelen høyaktuell.


The article critically examines the peculiar co-existence of the securitization of the border and the growing presence and prominence of human rights and humanitarian ideals in border policing practices. Concretely, it focuses on Frontex, the agency tasked with management of EU’s external borders. Based on interviews with Frontex officials and border guard officers, and on the analysis of relevant policy documents and official reports, the article explores what may come across as a discrepancy between the organization’s activities and its public self-presentation. The objective is to provide an insight into the complex and volatile relationship between policing and human rights, which marks contemporary migration control as well as mundane forms of professional and personal self-understanding.

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