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UTE MED NY ARTIKKEL: Heidi Fischer Bjelland
Heidi Fischer Bjelland har publisert artikkelen "Conceptions of success: Understandings of successful policing of human trafficking" i tidsskriftet Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. Artikkelen er den siste i Bjellands doktorgradsavhandling.

Engelsk sammendrag:

Most organizations experience multiple demands that challenge the performance of organizational tasks. While line officers’ duties are specified by their organization’s rules and obligations, they may hold different understandings of success that potentially conflict with the core aims set by management.

Using the policing of human trafficking in Norway as a case example, this study aims to explore subjective conceptions of success in police organizations. Analysing data from interviews with police and prosecutors, the study identifies three separate conceptions of success in responses to human trafficking and explores how police officers dealing with multiple organizational goals balance their individual values with the rules and regulations of their organizations.

The study offers important insights into some of the conflicts faced by police investigating complex crimes where the victims require particular attention, and asks whether there is a need for alternative assessments of success in such crimes.

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