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Brita Bjørkelo

Brita Bjørkelo

Professor - Research Department

Phone: (+47) 23 19 98 58


Leadership, work- and organizational psychology, professional education.


  • Ph.d in Psychology, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Clinical Psychologist (Cand. Psychol, 6 years)
  • Cand. Mag (first cycle degree, 4 years)

Teaching and supervision

  • Teaching and supervision on the different educations at the Police Leadership and Management Program (Leadership candidate, Leadership and organisational development course 1 and 2). Themes and topics: leadership, competence, learning, ethics, whistleblowing, bullying at work, and emotions. Also teaching methods in social sciences, Learning Management Systems such as “It’s Learning” and web-based learning.
  • Supervision at the master and senior lecturer level

Current research

Research themes and topics on leadership, work- and organizational psychology and professional education:

Whistleblowing, such as:

Ethical evaluations in social media usage during professional education:

Selected Publications

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