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Frederik Barth

Frederik Barth

Senior Lecturer - Department for further and continuing education

Phone: (+47) 23 19 98 02
Cell: (+47) 481 10 243


The police services’s non police studies.


  • LLB from the University of Oslo
  •  Has worked in public administration, as a Police Prosecutor, Deputy Judge and as an attorney

Teaching and supervision

  • Professional responsibility for the police services’s non police studies, which cover the areas of enforcement, debt arrangements, secretariat work for the arbitration councils, as well as the notary function, natural damage rates and county official assessments

Current research

  • The project description for his associate professor work states: Weak judicial pluralism or lack of understanding within the civil duties of the police force. The basic hypothesis is that there is a presumption of an unequal understanding of the regulations within the court official function (enforcement and debt arrangement) of the police. The court officials are county administrative officials, police station heads and bailiffs. There are 357 offices that perform these tasks. A number of these offices are small and deal with few cases. The assumption is therefore that it is difficult to maintain the level of professional competence required, with the result that decisions may be made that are not in accordance with the applicable law. This is to be investigated as part of the project.
    As associate professor, research fellow the question remains as to how this problem can be solved through education. As the employees in this professional field have different backgrounds and are spread throughout Norway, the task is to ensure a uniform understanding of the regulations. 

Selected Publications

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