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Diversity in the Police Service

Diversity is about people being different, and it is about recognising these differences.

These differences could be in regard to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion or political beliefs. It is about acceptance and respect, and it is about understanding one another and appreciating the diversity to which we all contribute.

The Norwegian Police Service wants to reflect Norwegian society in an accurate and responsible way. We live in a multicultural and diverse society and the Police needs to reflect this reality. If the Norwegian Police Service is to develop on a par with the rest of society, combat future crime and provide all Norwegian citizens with the service they require, then it needs a broad range of expertise. Expertise and knowledge are important in police work, particularly when it comes to gaining trust.

The students will obtain this knowledge through their training at the Norwegian Police University College, through experience on the job and from their personal background. All knowledge is important in police work; in order to understand, in order to solve tasks and in order to gain trust.

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