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Admission to the Norwegian Police University College is dependent on «suitability». In this context, suitability is assessed by one of the admissions panels at the college.

The admissions panels use a variety of methods to evaluate whether applicants are suitable. Suitability is assessed based on an applicant’s scores in the following six skill areas:

1. Interaction

Cooperates well with others, exhibits empathy, and has good communication skills.

2. Openness and inclusiveness

Shows respect for others, has an inquisitive nature when facing differences, and is actively inclusive.

3. Maturity

Comes across as reliable, engaged, and trustworthy and exhibits self-control in demanding situations.

4. Power to act

Has a structured and decisive personality, takes responsibility, makes independent assessments and shows courage and conviction.

5. Integrity

Is objective and impartial, has a clean criminal record and is considered fit for service.

6. Analytical capacity

Exhibits good learning abilities and is adapt at reducing complex issues to core concepts.  Is reflective, and makes rational assessments.

Interview with the admissions panel – assessment of suitability

The assessment by the admissions panel takes place after candidates have passed the physical tests. Priority will be given to applicants who have to travel far in order to reach the admission test location, or for other valid reasons must be assessed by the panel the day after physical testing. Arrangements must be made with the person responsible for scheduling upon arrival at the physical testing location. We note that one should expect several days/weeks of waiting time between physical testing and interview with the admissions panel.

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