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In recent years there has been an increase in the level of international police cooperation. The Norwegian police have greater contact with colleagues and authorities abroad where English is the common language. In addition, the population of Norway is becoming more diverse, which sees the need for greater proficiency in English to be able to converse with various groups within society. Professional communication in English will often require knowledge and active use of terms connected to policing as well as the ability to communicate in an effective manner.

This course will provide employees in the Norwegian police service with the opportunity to master English communication in the professional arena.


Target group: staff in the Norwegian police service who communicate in English in connection with work and who wish to improve their language skills. Applicants shall provide documentation of the following:

  • Current employment in the police service
  • English proficiency at a specific level. This will be tested.


En formell forespørsel om grupper og spesialtilpassede opplegg må inneholde informasjon om bestillers navn, tittel og arbeidssted, tema, målgruppe og ca. antall, ønsket tid og sted, ønsket omfang (må endelig avklares med Politihøgskolen), samt forventninger og læringsmål (denne bør utarbeides sammen med målgruppen).

Forespørselen sendes på e-post til Politihøgskolen, avdeling for etter- og videreutdanning ved Tine Holm, e-post: .


Rådgiver Tine Holm, avdeling for etter- og videreutdanning,
Fagansvarlig Karen Elaine Aarnes, e-post:

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