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Artikkel av Birgitte Ellefsen

Høgskolelektor Birgitte Ellefsen publiserte i 2011 artikkelen «Evaluating Crime Prevention: Scientific Rationality or Governmentality?».

Artikkelen handler om ulike tradisjoner for evaluering av forebyggende politiarbeid.

This article explores the field of crime preventive evaluation. Based on a comparative analysis of three different evaluation traditions that have been developed during the last 20 years in Great Britain, USA, and Scandinavia, it outlines the importance of a critical approach to the kind of evaluations that are commissioned and their underlying purpose(s). It also discusses the possible consequences of the current emphasis on strengthened evaluation of crime prevention. A brief history of the development of crime preventive evaluation is presented, followed by a comparative analysis of the three evaluation traditions’ strengths and weaknesses. In particular Norwegian and Swedish governmental documents call for strengthened evaluations of crime preventive initiatives and development of operational measures that can form the basis for police management. This article argues that such contemporary evaluation initiatives may suffer due to a lack of critical approach to different evaluation traditions, and under the pressure of two rationalities that are not easily
harmonized: scientific rationality and ‘governmentality’.

Artikkelen er publisert i det fagfellevurderte nivå 2-tidsskriftet “Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention”.

Artikkelen kan leses i fulltekst – når man er logget på PHS sitt nettverk: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14043858.2011.622072#preview

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