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Artikkelforfattarane: Heidi Fischer Bjelland, Annette Vestby og Johanne Yttri Dahl
PHS' doktorgradstipendiatar Heidi Fischer Bjelland og Annette Vestby og PHS' forsker Johanne Yttri Dahl med nye artiklar i Politihøgskolens arkiv PIA

Exploring criminal investigation practices: The benefits of analysing police-generated investigation data

Korleis kan data frå etterforsking væra til nytte for forsking og politiet som organisasjon? Heidi Fischer Bjelland (stipendiat PHS) og Johanne Yttri Dahl (forsker PHS) bidrar til eit hittil lite omtalt emne i sin undersøking av korleis politigenerert data kan analyserast og nyttegjerast for forskarar og politiet.

Engelsk samandrag: Current police practices, such as criminal investigations, generate a variety of data that are potentially available to social science researchers. Despite the vital importance of criminal investigations in police operations, there has been limited research on criminal investigation practices. Here, we explore how research analyzing police-generated investigation data would contribute to criminal justice and police research, and police organizations. We provide examples from Norwegian police registry data such as national criminal registers, police case files and data from forensic DNA databases. Police registry data may contribute to opening the ‘black box’ surrounding criminal investigation practices, thereby providing important insights into practices that are crucial for the development of organizational learning and knowledge creation. The original contribution of this paper is that it explores the untapped potential of analyzing police-generated investigation data for research purposes, an issue that has not been sufficiently addressed in the literature on police performance and organizations.

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‘It’s about using the full sanction catalogue’: On boundary negotiations in a multi-agency organised crime investigation

Korleis koordineras etterforskingar med deltagarar frå fleire organisasjonar og disiplinar? Heidi Fischer Bjelland (stipendiat PHS) og Annette Vestby (stipendiat PHS) presenterer eit empirisk vindauge inn i ein interorganisatorisk og interdisiplinær etterforsking og dei utfordringane som oppstår.

Engelsk samandrag: Inter-organizational and inter-disciplinary investigations are increasingly deployed against criminal networks and cross-jurisdictional crimes. This study provides a unique empirical window into an inter-organizational investigation against a large organized crime network in Norway. Building on interview data from the participants in the multi-agency investigation team that was summoned for this case, the article discusses co-ordination issues that arise when organizations with different goals and interests collaborate to reach a common goal. The article studies co-ordination from inside of the investigation team and discusses the interchangeable use of criminal and administrative law. While bridging organizational boundaries enable agencies to pool powers, co-ordination across organizations may challenge the protection of sometimes conflicting aims and interests.

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