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Behavioral Sciences and the Law


British Journal of Clinical Psychology


British Journal of Criminology (Oxford journal)

The British Journal of Criminology: An International Review of Crime and Society is one of the world's top criminology journals. It publishes work of the highest quality from around the world and across all areas of criminology (Informasjon om impact factor til høyre på siden).


British Journal of Psychology



Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal

Crime, Media, Culture is a peer reviewed, international journal providing a vehicle for scholars working at the intersections of criminological and cultural inquiry. It promotes a broad cross-disciplinary understanding of the relationship between crime, criminal justice, media and culture.


Crime prevention and community safety : An international journal

Crime Prevention & Community Safety is at the forefront of its field. It aims to facilitate the exchange of expertise and experience, to promote good practice and to help identify successful strategies for addressing issues of crime prevention and community safety.


Criminal Justice and Behaviour

Criminal Justice and Behavior (CJB), peer-reviewed and published monthly, promotes scholarly evaluations of assessment, classification, prevention, intervention, and treatment programs to help the correctional professional develop successful programs based on sound and informative theoretical and research foundations.


Criminology (Published on behalf of American Society of Criminology)

Criminology is devoted to crime and deviant behavior. Disciplines covered in Criminology include: sociology, psychology, design, systems analysis, decision theory. Major emphasis is placed on empirical research and scientific methodology. Criminology's content also includes articles which review the literature or deal with theoretical issues stated in the literature as well as suggestions for the types of investigation which might be carried out in the future.



European Journal of Criminology

The European Journal of Criminology is an international, peer reviewed journal publishing high quality original research. It is the prime European source for authoritative information and analysis on crime and criminal justice issues.


European Journal of Policing Studies (EJPS)

The European Journal of Policing Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles addressing the topic of policing and police studies in the broad sense. EJPS aims to provide insights into contemporary policing discussion. It focuses on issues that are of interest to the police and other actors in policing, and that shape (the future of) policing. It offers contributions in a broad domain, including contemporary academic (empirical) research on policing (by the police as well as other actors), phenomena that may be of interest to policing actors, education, policing strategies and styles, accountability and democratic rights, legal and political developments and policing policy and practice.



Forensic Science International

Forensic Science International publishes original contributions in the many different scientific disciplines pertaining to the forensic sciences 



Global Crime

Global Crime is a social science journal devoted to the study of crime broadly conceived. Its focus is deliberately broad and multi-disciplinary and its first aim is to make the best scholarship on crime available to specialists and non-specialists alike.



International journal of Police Science & Management

The International Journal of Police Science and Management publishes original empirical work, conceptual articles and theoretical overviews or reviews, as well as articles on good practice or practice evaluation.


International Journal of Conflict and Violence

The IJCV is a forum for scientific exchange and public dissemination of up-to-date scientific knowledge on conflict and violence.

International Peacekeeping

International Peacekeeping examines the theory and practice of peacekeeping and peace operations as instruments of policy at an international level. From a broader perspective the journal also reflects debates about peacebuilding and monitoring of agreements, preventive deployments, sanctions, international policing, protection of aid in internal disputes, and the relationship between peacekeepers, state authorities, rival factions, civilians and non-governmental organizations.


International Security

International Security is America's leading peer-reviewed journal of security affairs. It provides sophisticated analyses of contemporary, theoretical, and historical security issues. International Security is edited at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and is published by The MIT Press.



Journal of Forensic Sciences


Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice

The Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice is devoted to providing a forum for disseminating timely and practical developments to the forensic psychology practitioner and professional. The journal promotes original research which examines the impact and effect of new knowledge in the field as it relates to the work of the practicing forensic psychologist and related specialists, mindful of where and how justice and social change are meaningfully advanced.


Journal of Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry

The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing papers relating to aspects of psychiatry and psychological knowledge (research, theory and practice) as applied to offenders and to legal issues arising within civil, criminal, correctional or legislative contexts.


Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology

The Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology presents peer-reviewed reports and research findings covering the theory, practice and application of psychological principles in criminal justice, particularly law enforcement, courts, and corrections.


Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention

The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology, together with the Finnish and Norwegian Crime Prevention Councils, the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy and the Department of Criminology at the University of Stockholm, publishes this forum of Nordic scientific work on criminology and crime prevention.

Journal of Quantitative Criminology

The Journal of Quantitative Criminology focuses on research advances from such fields as statistics, sociology, geography, political science, economics, and engineering. This timely journal publishes papers that apply quantitative techniques of all levels of complexity to substantive, methodological, or evaluative concerns of interest to the criminological community.


Jussens venner

Jussens Venner er et tidsskrift spesielt tilpasset jusstudentenes behov, og er hyppig referert i juridisk litteratur og på pensumlistene til de tre juridiske lærestedene.



Law and Human Behavior 

Law and Human Behavior, the official journal of the American Psychology-Law Society/Division 41 of the American Psychological Association, is a multidisciplinary forum for the publication of articles and discussions of issues arising out of the relationships between human behavior and the law, our legal system, and the legal process. This journal publishes original research, reviews of past research, and theoretical studies from professionals in criminal justice, law, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, political science, education, communication, and other areas germane to the field.


Legal and Criminological Psychology

Legal and Criminological Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of psychology and law: victimology, policing and crime detection, crime prevention, management of offenders, mental health and the law, public attitudes to law, role of the expert witness, impact of law on behaviour, interviewing and eyewitness testimony, jury decision making and deception.


Lov og Rett

Tidsskriftet bringer juridiske fagartikler, anmeldelser av juridisk litteratur og kommentarer til aktuelle juridiske spørsmål.



Medicine, Science and the law

Medicine, Science and the Law is the official journal of the British Academy for Forensic Sciences (BAFS). It is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of forensic science and medicine.



Nordisk politiforskning

Nordisk politiforskning er et vitenskapelig tidsskrift med åpen tilgang (open access). Tidsskriftet presenterer ny kunnskap og forskning innen politiforskning, politivitenskap og polisiær virksomhet (policing) i de nordiske landene.

Nordisk tidsskrift for kriminalvidenskab

De artikler der offentliggøres i tidsskriftet, vedrører aktuelle strafferetlige problemstillinger og nyere kriminologiske undersøgelser i de nordiske lande. Desuden indeholder tidsskriftet artikler om kriminalpolitiske diskussioner , ligesom hvert nummer indeholder anmeldelser af videnskabelig litteratur fra både nordiske lande og lande uden for Norden.



The Police journal

Policing is the visible face of the law, under increasing scrutiny from government and the community as a whole. With the pressure on to demonstrate best value through evidence-based policy and practice, The Police Journal is for all decision- and policy-makers, both within the police service and those working with the profession.


Police Practice & Research

Police Practice and Research is a peer-reviewed journal that presents current and innovative police research as well as operational and administrative practices from around the world. Articles and reports are sought from practitioners, researchers and others interested in developments in policing, analysis of public order, and the state of safety as it affects the quality of life everywhere.

Police Quarterly

Police Quarterly emphasizes policy-oriented research of interest to both practitioners and academics. The only such journal published in North America, Police Quarterly seeks to publish both qualitative and quantitative police-related research.

Policing - a Journal of Policy and Practice

Policing - a Journal of Policy and Practice is an in-depth journal aimed at senior police officers, researchers, policy makers and academics offering critical comment and analysis of current policy and practice, comparative international practices, legal and political developments and academic research

Policing and Society

Policing & Society is widely acknowledged as the leading international academic journal specialising in the study of policing institutions and their practices. It is concerned with all aspects of how policing articulates and animates the social contexts in which it is located.


Policing: An International journal of police strategies and management

Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the journal covers the latest international developments on matters of policy, practice, management, operations, education and training, science and technology. The journal provides readers with a truly global and comparative perspective on policing.


Professions and Professionalism

Professions and Professionalism (P&P) is an open-access journal that invites research-based empirical, theoretical or synoptic articles focusing on traditional professions as well as other knowledge based occupational groups approached from any perspective or discipline.

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 Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law is a peer reviewed journal with outstanding academic and professional representation on its editorial board. The journal disseminates high quality information to scholars and professionals working in the areas, or intersections, of psychiatry, psychology and the law. It aims to keep professionals informed about contemporary research and practice developments in these fields and to facilitate cross-disciplinary debate, collaboration and communication.


Psychology, Crime & Law

Psychology, Crime & Law promotes the study and application of psychological approaches to crime, criminal and civil law, and the influence of law on behavior. The content includes the aetiology of criminal behavior and studies of different offender groups; crime detection, for example, interrogation and witness testimony; courtroom studies in areas such as jury behavior, decision making, divorce and custody, and expert testimony; behavior of litigants, lawyers, judges, and court officers, both in and outside the courtroom; issues of offender management including prisons, probation, and rehabilitation initiatives; and studies of public, including the victim, reactions to crime and the legal process. It publishes reviews and brief reports which make a significant contribution to the psychology of law, crime and legal behavior.


 Psychology, Public Policy and Law

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law provides a forum to critically evaluate the contributions of psychology and related disciplines (hereinafter psychology) to public policy and legal issues, and vice versa. It is intended to appeal to law professors, legal professionals, judges, and public policy analysts, as well as psychology researchers and practitioners working at the interface of the three fields.



Restorative justice: an international journal

Restorative Justice seeks to facilitate the development and exchange of the best and most rigorously researched theoretical and practical scholarship within the domain of Restorative Justice (RJ). It aims to gather and present in a systematised way the fruits of academic research as well as practice and policy related information on RJ worldwide.



Retfærd is a peer-reviewed journal of legal science that publishes innovative articles at the highest scientific level. The works published in Retfærd analyse the law from a theoretical and practical point of view on the basis of not only jurisprudence, but also sociology, criminology, political science, history, philosophy, economics, ecology, anthropology, feminism and other sciences.



Security Dialogue

Security Dialogue aims to combine cutting-edge advances in theory with new empirical findings across a range of fields relevant to the study of security.


Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism aims to cast new light on the origins and implications of conflict in the 21st Century and to illuminate new approaches and solutions to countering the growth and escalation of contemporary sub-state violence.



Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence reflects the full range of current scholarly work from many disciplines and theoretical perspectives. It aims to give academic rigour to a field which hitherto has lacked it, and encourages comparative studies.

Theoretical Criminology – An international journal

The journal is committed to renewing general theoretical debate, exploring the interrelation of theory and data in empirical research and advancing the links between criminological analysis and general social and political theory.


Tidsskrift for rettsvitenskap 

Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap er et organ for nordisk rettsvitenskap. Foruten å publisere artikler på et høyt vitenskapelig nivå, legger tidsskriftet stor vekt på å bringe informasjon om ny juridisk litteratur gjennom litteraturstudier, bokanmeldelser og boklister.


Tidsskrift for strafferett

Tidsskriftet inneholder stoff fra Lovavdelingen, Økokrim, Riksadvokaten og nytt om internasjonale menneskerettigheter, samtidig som det i hvert hefte også vil være fagartikler og en artikkel med nytt fra rettspraksis samt informasjon om nye bøker og nytt forskningsmateriale.

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Tidsskrift for norsk psykologiforening 

Tidsskrift for norsk psykologiforening har en unik posisjon som identitetsskaper for profesjonsgruppen. Sammen med det andre redaksjonelle stoffet utgjør Medlemsnytt rundt en tredel av hver utgave. I tillegg er Tidsskriftet den klart mest spissede kanalen for arbeidsgivere som søker psykologisk kompetanse i Norge. Noen av utgaveneer temanumre som gjør opp status ved å samle bidrag fra sentrale norske forskere og andre aktører innen bestemte fagområder. Vi har for eksempel laget slike utgaver om organisasjonspsykologi, nevropsykologi, menneskerettigheter, klinisk arbeidspsykologi og depresjon.



Women & Criminal Justice

Women & Criminal Justice is the only periodical devoted specifically to scholarly interdisciplinary and international research on all concerns related to women and criminal justice. It provides scholars with a single forum devoted to this critical specialty area in the fields of criminal justice, human rights, law, politics, sociology, social work, and women's studies


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