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This module is part of the NCFI programme which consist of the following:

  • Module 1: Nordic Computer Forensic Investigators, Core Concepts in Digital Investigation and Forensics - 15 ECTS
  • Module 2A: Advanced Computer Forensics- 15 ECTS
  • Module 2B: Online Investigation - 15 ECTS
  • Module 2C: Network Forensics and Cybercrime - 15 ECTS


The aim of this program is to ensure that the quality of computer forensic investigation is of a high level, guaranteeing legal pretection and the right to privacy.

Please refer to the Syllabus for further details regarding the expected learning outcome.


The primary target group is police staff in the Nordic countries whose main task is or will be handling and investigating digital evidence.

Employees in other International police services or governmental agencies who work or will work with digital evidence are eligible to apply.


Applicants are required to provide the following documentation:

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification
  • Completion of the Core Concepts in Digital Investigation and Forensics module

Employment, work experience and additional requirements:

  • Current employment in a governmental agency

Applicants who do not have the higher education entrance qualification have to provide:

  • a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience, of which maximum 2 years can be relevant education, replace the requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualifiction. This arrangement only applies to applicants over the age of 25


Online course - startup in January 2020.

Tuition fee for external students
An external student is defined as a student from another coutry, or an agency outside the police service (including police spesial agencies). The tuition fee is not applicable to students coming from institutions which have a reciprocal agreement with NPUC, or an agreement involving contributitions to the study programme. The student fee is NOK 25 000.

Contact person
Academic inquiries should be adressed to email .

Questions regarding the admission process (deadline, application process, documentation) should be adressed to: .

Study administrative questions (e.g. semester fee, exams) should be adressed to: .

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