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Forskergruppen «Politiutdanning, læringsmiljø og studenter» (PULS) arrangerer ulike seminarer.

25. april 2019 kl. 13.15 - 15.45 møterom 1 PHS Oslo: «An Englishman in New York Experiences of being an ethnic minority within the Police force»

Mariann Stærkebye Leirvik presenterer «An Englishman in New York? Experiences of being an ethnic minority within the Police force» og diskuterer hva resultatene betyr for politiutdanningen.

Previous research show that ethnic prejudice, discrimination and racism exist among police officers (see Sollund 2008:170), and that due to police stops ethnic minorities are often forced to think about themselves in terms of a «  threat» to the majority (Solhjelle, Saarikkomäki, Haller, Wästerfors and Kolind 2018). This also apply for the Nordic countries (Holmberg 1999, Granér 2004, Ansel-Henry and Jespersen 2003), as well as other European countries (Lofthus 2008, Holloway 1996). One could assume that a climate prevailed by ethnic prejudice and stereotypes makes it challenging being a minority ethnic police officers. Studies of ethnic diversity within the police organization is however relatively scarce in the Anglo-American research literature. Some studies report that minority ethnic officers are perceived as «outsiders within» (Lofthus 2008, Peterson & Uhnoo 2012). Lofthus (2008) show that the exclusion mechanism within the police force has become more cloaked than they used to be. In this study, I explore the «little things» that contribute to ethnic minorities being positioned as «the others». To explore this I have conducted in-depth-interviews among police officers either employed in the patrol service or have previous experience with this kind of policing. The research also rely on fieldwork conducted in two different patrolling units in the urban areas of Norway.

Tidligere seminarer:

6. november 2018: «Seleksjonsmetodenes prediktive validitet ved PHS sin egnethetsvurdering»

Tom Skoglund presenterer og diskutererte forskningen sin om «Egnet som politi: seleksjonsmetodenes prediktive validitet ved PHS sin egnethetsvurdering».

25. september 2018: «Læringspreferanser og stillingsforventninger til norske politistudenter i et komparativt perspektiv»

Pål Winnæss, Marie-Louise Damen og Gunnar Thomassen belyste professionaliseringsdebatten i politiutdanning og så på spørsmålet om hvorfor politistudenter foretrekker praksisfag over teorifag. De sammenlignet kvantitative resultater fra flere europeiske land og så nærmere på norske politistudenter ved hjelp av kvalitative intervjuer.


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